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Four Winds’ Meli Farmhouse Ale with Honey and Bee Pollen

MELI // 6% – 12 IBUs //

Meli was originally brewed in August of 2018 and was released in single 500 mL bottles. When we sat down to plan this unique brew again, we realized that this would be the perfect beer to feature next in our new Farmhouse Series. We use local hay in the lautering process, local honey as a sugar source, and finish the beer on fennel pollen. You get a beautiful bouquet of aromas and flavours ranging from clove and anise to banana and bubblegum. Truly, this is a beer that must be had to appreciate the full experience – and now that it’s available in a 4 pack, you can share the experience with friends too!

4 x 330 mL boxes of Meli are available to purchase in our tasting room and through our online shop now. We will begin shipping cases out to shops across B.C. starting next week.

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