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FOUR WINDS – Cherryoperis 2020 is Here!

Cherryoperis (2020) Brett Saison with Sour Cherries

One of the best parts of winter here at Four Winds is the release of Cherryoperis. This spin on our Operis Brett Saison is a delightful, funky ale, and the addition of local sour cherries conjures flavours of cherry pie and tart pit fruit. An instant classic, Cherryoperis is a must for any true craft beer aficionado.

Beer description: Aged in Okanagan red wine barrels, our Cherry Brett Saison is invigorated by wild yeast strain Brettanomyces and conditioned on local sour Montmorency cherries, inviting impressions of cherry pie and tart pit fruit.

750 mL bottles of Cherryoperis are currently available in the Four Winds Tasting Room and through our online shop here. We will begin shipping cases out to shops across BC starting next week.

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