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Four Winds Brewing Releases Mélange Farmhouse Ale

Photo courtesy of Four Winds

After a summer of pounding back lighter lagers and even some hazy IPAs and pale ales, you need something with a light fruit character that will leave you wanting more; something that will excite the tastebuds, make you think about what it is you’re drinking but will also pair well with some good BBQ. This is where Mélange comes in. Our blended barrel-aged tart farmhouse ale is complex, yet somehow still light and refreshing. It’s the perfect compliment to any beer share or patio party alike.

Mélange is a fresh, tart table beer that we blended with select barrel stock and then conditioned on second use cherries and red currants.

SYNOPSIS: A light, refreshing, tart Farmhouse Ale that was conditioned on cherries and red currants.

TASTING NOTES: Ripe red fruit, toasted oak, balanced acidity, effervescent, dry finish.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Peach and arugula salad, frittata, prosciutto, spot prawns, crab, Coquille St. Jacques, BBQ pork ribs w/ a tangy sauce.

BREWER’S NOTES: Mélange is a blend of a table saison and select oak barrel stock which was then conditioned on red currants and second use cherries imparting notes of ripe red fruit.

This is the first beer that we have ever can conditioned which presented its own unique challenges and benefits.

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