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Four Winds Brewing Releases Holz Pils Foeder Fermented Pilsner

Photo courtesy of Four Winds


SYNOPSIS: Holz Pils is a nod to Bavarian and Bohemian brewing methods of the past. This open foeder fermented Pilsner was lagered for 60 days in wood barrels, yielding soft esters and a crisp, yet delicate finish.

TASTING NOTES: A crisp, light Pilsner with hints of floral notes brought on by the wood fermentation.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Onion rings with hot mustard, spicy Korean dishes, pretzels, Four Winds tacos, Chicken Milanese.

BREWER’S NOTES: Holz was fermented in a foeder and lagered in barrels which means that, after brewing, it didn’t touch steel until it was ready to be packaged. This emphasizes the subtle American oak notes and accentuates the fruity esters dervided from open fermentation.

We used 100% German Weyermann malt as well as German hops (Mittelfrüh) making for a traditional-style Pilsner.

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