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Four Winds Brewing Releases Bosque Farmhouse Ale

Photo courtesy of Four Winds

BOSQUE is a tart farmhouse ale that was aged on spanish cedar & blended with a tequila-barrel-aged saison. Finished on granny smith pomace, instilling a complex aroma with a dry, tannic mouthfeel.

TASTING NOTES: Notes of spice with an aroma not all that different from a cigar box.

FOOD PAIRINGS: White anchovies, grilled chicken hearts, olives, mussels, calamari, ham croquettes, cured meats, spicy potato omelette.

BREWER’S NOTES: Bosque was originally referred to as “Wood Barrelson” because we found that name very funny. When it came time to package the beer, we decided to name it after the Spanish word for “woods” instead, because the beer turned out to be seriously good.

The fresh pressed Granny Smith pomace was sourced from Nomad Cider in Summerland, BC. We do our best to source as many local ingredients as possible for our beers, unless the recipe calls for specific ingredients that can’t be found in the Pacific Northwest.

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