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Four Winds Brewing Releases Apricot Jam IPA

It’s a bitter-sweet time of year. The summer starts to turn a golden brown as the first few leaves begin to fall in the dead-of-summer heat, and you know what’s coming. Preserves were traditionally a way to extend and celebrate summer’s bounty, but we prefer to do it with beer. Jam beer. Presenting Apricot Jam, the third and newest beer in our Jam Series.

Apricot Jam is an IPA brewed with apricots, Amarillo and Denali hops, milk sugar, Saccharomyces Trois yeast and a touch of vanilla. There is a tender balance between the sweetness in the fruit/milk sugar and the bitterness of the hops. Make no mistake, fruit and milk sugar or not, this is still very much an IPA.

SYNOPSIS: An IPA with a nice balance between fruit/milk sugar sweetness and hop bitterness.

TASTING NOTES: Marmalade, stone fruit and hints of lactose on the nose. Apricot and lactose flavours are balanced by hoppy bitterness. A juicy, soft, and round mouthfeel.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Proscuitto with blue cheese and figs, beer-can chicken (take the Apricot Jam label off but use this beer!), curried sweet potato fries, jalapeño chips.

BREWER’S NOTES: “Part of our annual Jam Series, this year we’ve decided to use apricots as it is such a delicious fruit to spread with your butter on toast! We are not huge fans of the lactose trend in beer, but we thought this beer does that style some justice when including the “jam” aspect. We brewed Apricot Jam with a small amount of milk sugar to give the fermented fruit and hoppy bitterness some balance. Easy drinking, full-flavoured but definitely still an IPA.” – Brent Mills (Brewmaster)

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