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Deep Cove Shredder Golden Ale

Deep Cove Shredder Golden Ale Brewed to Honour North Shore Rescue’s Tim Jones

Deep Cove Brewers

North Shore Rescue

Located at the foot of North Vancouver’s iconic backyard of mountains and a recreational paradise Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers has created the Shredder Golden Ale in memory of local North Shore Rescue legend Tim Jones. Tim’s mark on the North Shore is not one that will fade any time soon as the impact he made on the local community is nothing less than amazing. Together Deep Cove Brewers and the North Shore Rescue team have brewed in memory of Tim the Shredder Golden Ale. ┬áThis beer will be ready to drink just as the local mountains are opening with the launch happening on Saturday November 15th. Watch for the beer to arrive on the shelves of your local retailer and support the North Shore Rescue with your purchase.

Press Release:

Deep Cove Shredder Golden AleTim Jones’s love of exploring the backcountry and shredding the North Shore mountains led him to dedicate his life to saving many others, and ultimately to spark a lasting legacy. He was given the nickname SHREDDER due not only to his love of backcountry skiing but for the infamous “shredding” motivational tactics that he used on his North Shore Rescue team to inspire the highest level of performance and success. Tim was a huge supporter of the local community and dreamt of a day when the NSR could have sustainable funding, allowing the team to focus more on training. With that goal in mind the proceeds from each bottle of Deep Cove’s Shredder Golden Ale will go to the Tim Jones Legacy Fund.

The SHREDDER Golden Ale was designed to be a beer Tim would have enjoyed with his family, friends and husky after a call well done. A nice, rounded malt body featuring biscuit and honeysuckle notes leads into a pleasing herbal hoppiness. Refreshing and sessionable, this honey coloured ale is best enjoyed while appreciating all that the North Shore has to offer. 5% ABV.

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