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Dead Frog 2015 Commander Imperial Stout Release

Dead Frog Brewery’s Award-Winning Imperial Stout Updated for 2015

Dead Frog Brewery’s Award-Winning Imperial Stout Updated for 2015

Dead Frog 2015 Commander Imperial Stout Release
​Aldergrove, BC
Dead Frog Brewery is pleased to announce the release of its 2015 Commander Imperial Stout. It features a deep, layered roast malt profile enhanced by slightly sweet flavours of white oak, molasses, and whiskey.

Imperial stout is a strong ale of 8-12% alcohol by volume that was originally produced by the porter brewers of London for export. It became popular at the court of Catherine the Great of Russia and throughout the Baltic region.

The 2015 Commander was updated to make it more approachable without maturation. Steve Black, Dead Frog’s head brewer said of this year’s release, “it’s a little lighter-bodied with an emphasis on oak and honey whiskey, backed by hints of molasses and chocolate.”

While most styles of beer are best consumed fresh, imperial stouts actually improve with careful cellaring in a cool, dark place. Like wine, time serves to round the rough edges and mellow bold flavours.

Caroline N. Carter said of our 2013 Commander:

“I was not overly impressed the first time I tried this beer, but thank god I gave it another try a year later! A year in the cellar makes a world of difference with this stout. On first taste I found it just big and boring and overly boozy. But after 12 months, it has developed tons of complexity, big smooth Dutch licorice, with molasses and brown sugar notes.”

Last year, Dead Frog’s Commander Imperial Stout won two BC Beer Awards in the Stout category — second for the 2013 release and third for the 2014.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast, molasses, brown sugar, white oak
Malts: Northwest Pale Ale, Special B, Cara 120, Cara 30, Cara 45, Cara 80, Aromatic, Black, Roast Barley, Chocolate
Hops: Nugget
ABV: 10.5%
IBU: 65

Suggested serving temperature: 12-14°C
Recommended glass: snifter
Suggested food pairing: Stilton cheese, venison with berries, dark chocolate, fruit desserts, vanilla ice cream for a beer float

The unpasteurized and preservative-free Commander Imperial Stout will be available in LRSs in 650ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $6.99. It can be ordered from the LDB using SKU #656322. It will also be available on draught in select pubs and restaurants. Follow Dead Frog Brewery on Twitter  for details.

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