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Dead Frog Brewery Launches the Uber Nutter Imperial Nut Brown Ale


February 13, 2014

Starting this week, our brand new Uber Nutter Imperial Nut Brown Ale is now on liquor store shelves and pub taps. More than just a boozier version of The Classic Nut Brown, brewmaster Tony used premium imported English malts and hops to create a wonderfully nuanced brew that beer drinkers will want to savour in a snifter. With flavours of chocolate, toffee, and black cherry achieved without adjuncts, the Uber Nutter is a timely release, hitting the right notes for Valentine’s Day. With only a single batch having been brewed, our imperial nut brown is available for a limited time.


The suped-up big brother of our Classic Nut Brown Ale. This deep brown brew takes our favourite malts from The Classic and adds in some Maris Otter & Carastan for a complex, malt-forward brew with flavours of chocolate, toffee, roasted nuts & black cherry. A hint of warmth from the increased alcohol rounds out the finish beautifully.

Tony’s Inspiration

Remembering a double nut brown ale I once enjoyed from a Florida craft brewery, it inspired me to create a high gravity, malt-focused brew with a smooth finish. Taking our Classic Nut Brown Ale as a starting point, I added high quality imported Maris Otter malt to achieve the complexity you get with fine cask-conditioned British ales. Then, including some English Carastan malt, I was looking for a smooth toffee sweetness.

To maintain the English character of this ale, I substituted premium East Kent Golding hops for the Oregon-grown Willamette of The Classic. Its sweet, smooth bittering achieves a nice balance that enhances the malt character without trying to assert itself, like American ales.

Like cooking, brewing can lead to unexpected results. In this case, we were pleasantly surprised by the dark cherry notes that came from the yeast. I’m very satisfied with the Uber Nutter, and hope people will enjoy it in the company of friends with good food.


o Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast
o Malts: Prairie 2-Row, Maris Otter Floor Malt, Carastan, Special B, Biscuit, Chocolate, Black
o Hops: East Kent Goldings
o IBU: 22
o ABV: 9%
o Serving temperature: 12-14°C
o Recommended glass: snifter
o Food pairing: duck breast with bing cherry sauce, Black Forest cake, aged Asiago

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