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Container Brewing’s New “Be Right Back” Sour Wheat Ale

Releasing this Thursday!

With the uncertainty that came with COVID-19. We thought we would brew something that takes a bit more time than we would usually spend brewing a beer.

We created our first true sour, inspired by the German Berliner Weisse. This Sour Wheat Ale is quite delicious and refreshing in the summertime. Here’s looking forward to a hopefully great summer and seeing you soon. In the meantime, we will “Be Right Back”.

With an infusion of orange peel and local blueberry blossom honey, we have created a tart refreshing blend of flavours that is sure to please.

Available in the lounge only (and for delivery, of course). You won’t find this one in any liquor stores.

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Thanks as always for your support, see you soon.

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