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Container Brewing Needs Your Help!

Help us, help you, help us… cheap beer inside!

We have a serving tank of beer that obviously isn’t getting served right now. Rather than dump it and face the wrath of the Alcohol Abuse Gods, we thought we’d see if there’s interest in helping us move it for real cheap. Helping you help us help you…right?

For $5/L (taxes in) we’ll fill your keg of choice (Corny? Sanke? we don’t care, we can fill it!) with our west coast pale ale, Twenty Footer.

Twenty Footer – 4.3% ABV
Dry Hopped with Columbus, Centennial & Strata. This hop forward West Coast Pale Ale has notes of Honey, Pine and green tea. Light, dry, crisp and easy drinking.

To help make this less of a logistical nightmare, we’d ask that you have your clean, empty keg to us by the weekend of May 9th. We’ll fill them over the course of that following week for pickup the weekend of May 16th. We are open 7 days/week, 1p-7p for that drop-off/pick-up to happen. Easy!

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