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City of North Van fast-tracks Shipyards Brewery District

They’re all but tapping the kegs in the City of North Vancouver.

Council voted unanimously last week to fast track some rule changes that will make it easier for a host of new breweries to open up lounges in a “brewery district” in Lower Lonsdale.

One brewery is already up and running and another four are planning to open soon in the light-industrial area along East Esplanade and East First Street. Under the current zoning for the area, breweries or distilleries are allowed to have tasting rooms for customers to sample their products but they are limited to 125 mililitres per serving and 375 millilitres per day – less than half a proper pint.

Getting a lounge licence that would allow more generous servings, however, can take upwards of two years, according to city staff. Instead of processing all five rezonings individually, staff recommended writing the zoning bylaw so accessory lounges are automatically included in the M4 zone. All new liquor licences would still have to be approved by the province’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch and will require endorsements by the city.

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