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Celebrating BC One Beer at a Time: Steamworks Brewing Honours John Oliver


BURNABY, B.C. (May 06, 2021) – Steamworks Brewing Co. announces the release of John Oliver Lager.

John Oliver, not the late-night host but the premier who guided BC from Prohibition to responsible liquor consumption in 1921, now has a beer named after him in addition to a high school, a park, and the town of Oliver in the Okanagan.

“The years of Prohibition between 1918 – 1921 drastically changed the landscape in BC. We went from being the “wettest” province in the country to the driest, and thanks to Premier Oliver, we now have a balanced retail environment consisting of BC Liquor Stores as we know them today,“ according to Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks Founder and CEO.

In 1921, “Honest John” Oliver was known for his straightforward manner and plain language. 100 years later, Steamworks John Oliver Lager is a beer that honours his spirit.

John Oliver Lager is available for purchase exclusively at BC Liquor Stores all summer season for $22.99, and for $19.99 throughout the month of May.

About Steamworks Brewing Company

For over 25 years, Steamworks Brewing Co. has been at the forefront of craft brewing, innovation and taste. Named after the central steam system that powers its Gastown brewhouse and world-famous steam clock in Vancouver B.C., Steamworks proudly brews distinct, delicious, and award-winning craft beers. For more information, visit us at

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