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Induction Dubbel - Category 12

Category 12 Brewing Launches Induction Dubbel

Category 12 Brewing Launches Induction Dubbel

Category 12 Induction DubbelVictoria, British Columbia ­ Nov. 25th, 2015

It’s starting to become ritual isn’t it? Now is the time to take your oath. You have survived the journey into the Category 12 craft. We’ve progressively initiated you into a craft beer society of intrigue and experimentation.

Our 8th beer release, Induction Dubbel is a traditional Belgian style of beer that is a rich maroon colour with flavours of brown sugar and hints of dark fruit. It is deceptive however, as it is light­bodied. Dark candi syrup, keeping with Belgian tradition, provides colour and complex raisin flavours while helping our dubbel get up to 7.5% ABV without adding all that “heaviness” most higher alcohol beers have.

Induction is also particularly unique because we handcraft the dark candi syrup itself, which is quite rare for a brewery to do.

Induction Dubbel is now available at our taproom, in 650 mL bottles at all craft­-friendly private liquor stores and in draught at a few select craft-­friendly pubs and restaurants. It is the perfect beer for the approaching cool weather!

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