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Category 12 adds new foeder, enhances ‘Barrelholder’ program

Three years have passed since we engaged in creating an exclusive campaign to help our barrel dreams come to fruition! Since that time, we’ve been studiously adding to our collection, and have enjoyed the buzz surrounding the quick disappearance of the Barrelholder beers from our shelves. We’re changing things up a bit this time, so that loyal supporters of the craft beer movement can enjoy exclusive access to events and discounts along with guaranteed additions to the barrel-loving beer connoisseurs’ cellar! We’re excited to announce that we’re taking possession of a foeder at the end of January, and it’s the first foeder to come to Vancouver Island!

What’s a Barrelholder?

In 2015 we launched our original Barrelholder campaign as a way to involve our beer-loving community in the brewery and to help us kickstart our beer wood-ageing program. These 86 contributors enabled us to purchase our original 6 barrels (still in use today!) and the ancillary equipment we required to lovingly and carefully handle their delicious contents. Since then, we’ve continuously added to our cellar, and now have 32 barrels and their delicious contents in our possession.

What is a foeder?

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