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Cannery Brewing Releases Regicide of the Star King

Hop harvest happens just once a year in the fall, and this year we partnered with Myrtle Meadows Hop Farm in Pemberton to make a Fresh Hop ESB called Regicide of the Star King. This is the seventh beer in our It’s Not Magic, It’s Science series.

This is an old world beer style using new world hops. It was brewed with fresh Comet hops from Myrtle Meadows Hop Farm. Scott and Landon drove out to the hop farm in Pemberton. They brought the hops back to the brewery and the hops were flash frozen with liquid nitrogen and pulverized to maximize the contact with the beer. It was dry hopped with a combination of Comet and Galaxy T90 pellets.

This very limited release beer is available on tap and in 473ml cans in our taproom now. Watch for it in private liquor stores around BC and Alberta in the coming days.

Here are some behind the scenes photos at Myrtle Meadows Hop Farm and some photos of our brewing team making this beer. If you are on Instagram, check out our stories and reels for some behind the scenes videos.

Our It’s Not Magic, It’s Science series gives our brewing team a chance to explore new techniques in brewing science. We hope you are enjoying this new series. Stay tuned for more details on the launch of the eighth beer in this series mid-November.

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