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Brewers Supply Group Inc. Acquires Gilbertson & Page Inc.

imageBrewers Supply Group Inc. Acquires Gilbertson & Page Inc.

Brewers Supply Group Inc. (BSG) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Gilbertson & Page (Canada) Inc. (G&P). We see a tremendous opportunity to join two established and successful brewing ingredient supply companies and bring to the Canadian market more products while capitalizing on G&P’s long standing tradition of customer service and premium product selection. The new company will be called BSG Canada and we are very excited to be a part of the Canadian market.

Under Helen Knowles’s ownership and leadership G&P has been producing and distributing brewing products to the Canadian craft brewing market since the early 90’s. Believing in fundamental concepts such as customer service and relationship building, G&P has grown  organically from word of mouth with their excellent range of products and by putting the customer first. G&P built a strong reputation and an important and respected role in the Canadian craft brewing community. Helen will continue on in the new organization in a sales leadership role.

BSG is the premier supplier of brewing ingredients to the U.S. with the best malt portfolio offerings in the market, premium hops, yeast and nutrient offerings, brewing aids and a diversity of other products. With nine distribution centers around the U.S, expert staff, industry leading customer service, and supply chain management expertise, BSG brings substantial resources to bear and has become a central force in the growth and future of craft brewing in North America.

As BSG Canada, G&P will continue to operate distribution centers in Fergus, Ontario; Huntingdon, Quebec; and Delta, British Columbia. BSG Canada will steadily expand product offerings to Canadian brewers while leveraging the full resources of BSG. BSG Canada will continue their already stellar service and reputation established by G&P, to create a stronger, more versatile and robust one-stop shop for Canadian brewers.

BSG and G&P have always respected and admired each other’s culture and approach to serving customers and providing premium ingredients. The formation of BSG Canada is a perfect fit to evolve and promote the standards and overall goals of both companies. BSG Canada has a simple mission – to provide Canadian brewers with the very best ingredients and customer service. The leadership and staff of both G&P and BSG are excited and energized about BSG Canada, believing that the future is very bright for craft beer in Canada.

We are truly excited to bring BSG and G&P together to enhance the experience of our customers on both sides of the border. We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

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