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Breward Inlet reports that Fraser Mills Fermentation to debut in Port Moody

Local Tri-Cities beer blogger Carnell Turton of has broken the news of yet another brewery operation coming to Port Moody. Take note: this brewery will sport some significant differences from the others around town.

Hot off the heels of the 5th Brewers Row Brewery (Moody Ales side Project Bakery Brewing) and former Callister Brew Team Member LightHeart Brewing setting up shop in Moody Ales, we have another brick and mortar brewery starting up in Port Moody.

Fraser Mills Fermentation Co., the brain child of many of the group behind the successful Tri-Cities Cask Festival, has selected a spot on St. Johns street in Port Moody.

The location is just two doors down from the current Beyond the Grape shop in the former Yamaha Marine building. If you aren’t from Port Moody: that is a 15 minute walk from the Twin Sails/Yellow Dog hub and 3 minute walk from the Skytrain station.

The brewery will be as eclectic as any brewery in the city, housing not only a 10 hl brewhouse but also eleven 10 hl fermentors, 5 brites (where the beer is carbed) and thirteen 5 hl serving tanks. There will be a homebrew business too. You will be able to have a beer while you buy the supplies to try and replicate it at home.

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