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Cannery Brewing - New Penticton Brewery Groudbreaking Ceremony

Breaking Ground – Cannery’s New Brewery is Under Construction

October 23, 2014

Cannery Brewing Breaks Ground on New Brewery!

Penticton, BC. After 14 years in the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton, Cannery Brewing will be moving to a new location. They are building a new brewery at 198 Ellis Street in Downtown Penticton. This week, in a special ceremony with dignitaries, media, suppliers, supporters and staff, they broke ground on their new brewery building.

Patt Dyck, co-owner of Cannery Brewing thanked those for attending the groundbreaking ceremony and for being part of their journey. She explained, “Today marks an important milestone for us as we celebrate the groundbreaking of our new brewery. We started this journey in 2000, brewing our first batch of beer on April Fools Day, 2001. We’ve come a long way in the last 14 years, brewing our 1,555th beer this week. We have grown and expanded and as much as we love our current location in the Cannery Trade Centre, we’ve simply outgrown it. We are building a new brewery that will be larger and better suited to our needs. And we are thrilled to be moving to downtown Penticton.”

Patt assured attendees that although the physical location of the brewery will be changing, their name and their commitment to producing premium quality craft beer will remain the same. “We will still be the Cannery Brewing Company. The Cannery Trade Centre was our beginning and our roots. Our name will remain the same to reflect our history. And we’ll continue to produce great craft beer that will make us and Penticton proud.”

The new 12,000 square foot brewery is being designed by local architect Matthew Coady and built by Penticton-based Greyback Construction. Patt continued, “The existing building, previously ANJ Automotive Service, will become our tasting room and retail store. It will also be the location of our Growler filling station and a spot to buy beer merchandise like hats and shirts. Plus we’ll expand to have a more robust food menu than we can currently offer. In our new space, guests will be able to enjoy our beer alongside some great local food selections.”

The large empty lot next door will house the rest of Cannery’s new brewery, which will be built around the existing building. Patt said, “Our new space will allow us the opportunity to expand our beer production and our selection of unique, specialty and one-off beers to provide greater interest and variety for all of our customers who want to share in the fascinating world of craft beer. Our new brewery will be built to meet our current needs and to meet our needs as we grow in the future.”

Mayor Garry Litke, who spoke on behalf of Penticton City Council congratulated Cannery Brewing for all of their success to-date and their ongoing contributions within Penticton. He also welcomed Cannery Brewing as a great addition to downtown Penticton. “Cannery Brewing is a real asset to Penticton. They are incredibly supportive of our community and we are absolutely thrilled that they are making this move. Having them move to this location is key to helping us revitalize downtown Penticton. I know they will bring a new sense of energy and vitality to Ellis Street. We have a vision for Ellis Street that involves theatres, art galleries and breweries, so Cannery Brewing’s move fits beautifully with our long term plans for downtown Penticton.”

Now that the groundbreaking is complete, the construction of the building will move ahead at full speed. Before doing a group cheers to celebrate the groundbreaking, Patt summarized, “These are exciting times for us. We are looking forward to starting the building process and meeting our new neighbours. We are thrilled to be moving downtown and we look forward to a grand opening celebration of our new brewery early in the new year! You can follow the progress of the building of our new brewery on Facebook.”


Cannery Brewing - New Penticton Brewery Groudbreaking Ceremony

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