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CNN releases list of world’s 15 best beer cities

CNN Travel has released a list of 15 great beer cities around the world, and BC beer fans will be pleased to find that it includes venerable Victoria, BC’s first Capital of Craft. Some of the rest of the list is debatable, but we can’t argue with their lone Canadian pick.

Note: if reading this gives you a hankering to revisit Canada’s original beer town, your perfect opportunity awaits in one month. Check out this editorial on What’s Brewing:



Say cheers to the 15 best beer cities around the world

It’s a wild, wild world of beer out there — and we’re not just talking about the fermentation going on in the tanks!

The craft beer scene has taken over almost every inch of the globe, from Australia to Estonia and pretty much everywhere in between. With experimental breweries, new takes on old traditions, and pubs catering to beer lovers of all palates, there’s a beer for you no matter where you’re traveling. It might not be possible to drink them all, but if you want to get the most bang for your beer buck, put one of these brew-centric cities on your bucket list and grab your passport.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The beer revolution came early to Victoria, with its first brewpub opening in 1984 and the number of breweries and beer-focused outlets steadily growing since then. Swans Brewery, one of BC’s craft beer pioneers, continues to draw loyal fans to its well-appointed brewpub and hotel. It’s around the corner from Canoe Brewpub, a fellow elder statesman of the scene, where you can kick back with a juicy pale ale on the patio.

The next generation of Victoria craft beer is exemplified by Hoyne, a brewery created by the former brewmaster at Swans and co-founder of Canoe. Sean Hoyne now flies his own flag with creations like Entre Nous, a Belgian-style witbier brewed with BC cherries. And Driftwood Beer pushes the limits even further with inventive beers like the Raised by Wolves IPA brewed with juicy Ekuanot hops and wild yeast.

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