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Andina Brewing Releases ARBUSTO – Fieldberry Sour

Hola Amigos,

Here we go again with a new Pola – Introducing ARBUSTO – Fieldberry Sour – Arbusto is the word for bush or shrub in Spanish. This delicious fall treat combines the best of summer with the best of Canadian fall. Using a new experimental yeast that was isolated from an oak tree that produces peach and apple notes. This beer has been loaded with blackberries, raspberries & blueberries. Arbusto pours an amazing deep red, this beer impresses from the first sight. As with every batch of our delicious sour beers, quantities are limited. Order now ¡Salud!. Just like our limited releases especially our sour beers, this one is going fast and will not last long. Order now ¡Salud!

Come to our tasting lounge to enjoy a pint at our welcoming ambience and say HOLA to our friendly staff – Don´t worry, you can pick up a pack or two on your way home. Also, available in many private liquor stores around town ¡Salud!

Please visit our website for the current beer availability at:

REMINDER TO OUR CUSTOMERS – Our beers are made without any additives or preservatives. Please keep our beers refrigerated to maintain its freshness. Thank you.

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