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4 Mile Brewing Company Releases White Lady Summer Wheat Ale

4 Mile Brewing Company Releases Summer Wheat Ale

summerwheat-156x6004Mile-Brewing-Co-Logo-PMS-150x150Victoria BC’s newest craft brewery, Four Mile Brewing Company is rolling out their lineup of bottled beers and soon you will see them on the shelves of your favourite craft beer retailer. First up out of the kettle is the Summer Wheat Ale dubbed as the ‘Wheatie Sweetie’. Keep an eye out for this beer to arriving at a store near you very soon.

Commercial Description:

Our summer wheatie sweetie. A mellow golden guzzle with a laid-back hoppy glide. A clear head on cool shoulders. A swig of sunshine that rolls along the tongue in a soft easy-going manner. If it could hum a tune, it would. This beer screams for buttery corn on the cob, mussels marinière, steamed Dungeness crab, or a day-old bean burrito you just remembered in your knapsack.

4.5% ABV
24 IBU unfiltered

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