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Phillips Fermentorium Tonic Release

4 Artisinal Tonics Released from the Phillips Fermentorium

Phillips Fermentorium Tonic Release

Tonic 4 Packs Have Arrived From The Phillips Fermentorium

4 different hand-crafted tonics in 1 box!

Phillips Fermentorium Tonic Release 4 packWe are very excited to announce the release of four brand new hand-crafted tonics! The second product to emerge from the Phillips Fermentorium, these tonics are made without any artificial flavours or liquid sugars. Instead, real ingredients and time-honoured extraction techniques endow the tonics with full, natural flavours, and balance tart with the subtle sweetness of raw cane sugar.

The mixed pack contains 4 different tonics, designed to celebrate different nuances in your pairings or cocktails. From classic tart, to floral, citrus, and sweet, there is a tonic to match whatever recipe you have up your sleeve.

Tonic 4 packs are available from private, craft focused retailers in BC and of course Phillips Brewing Co. To get the rundown on each of the tonics included in the box please see below!



Phillips Dry Tonic

Artisanal Dry:

It’s a classic style tonic with a twist. Orange peel, white grape juice, lime peel and quinine are lively carbonated balancing bright tartness with a hint of sweet. The Artisanal Dry Tonic was crafted to highlight complexity of STUMP Coastal Forest Gin* , but will breathe life into whichever premium spirit companion you pair it with.

*STUMP Gin is available in select cocktail bars now, but stay tuned to January for broader release details…

Phillips Cucumber Mint TonicCucumber Mint:

During the crafting of this tonic, natural flavours are extracted by patiently steeping real cucumbers and mint in cold water. Twist the cap, and cucumber aromatics dance from the bottle, leading to fresh cucumber flavours with a hint of mint, all wrapped in a body of soft sweetness that finishes slightly tart.

Phillips Philosopher's Brew TonicPhilosopher’s Brew:

Philosopher’s Brew Tonic offers a sophisticated depth of flavor that’s refreshingly approachable. Herbal flavours of lavender and rosehip blend with the citrus of lemongrass and orange peel. Slightly sweetened with raw cane sugar.

Phillips Botanical Brew TonicBotanical Brew:

Pouring a delicate soft pink colour, the Botanical Brew Tonic is refreshingly floral and strikingly effervescent. Rose petals, hibiscus flowers, heather flowers, damiana and lavender are complimented by a subtle sweetness through the body that finishes dry. Charge up your next cocktail with a little flower power.


  1. Julie Solar
    Julie Solar 2 April, 2017, 15:22

    Hi, Please let me know where, in Vancouver, I can find your Tonics?

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  2. Lea Ann Kueng
    Lea Ann Kueng 22 August, 2017, 14:48

    Hi! Can you pls advise me where in Prince George I can purchase your delicious Tonics?
    Kindest regards, Lea Ann

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  3. Elaine Ann
    Elaine Ann 9 April, 2018, 20:40

    The Sparkmouth Artisanal Dry Tonic is a great, lo-cal stand-in for wine. Flavourful, not sticky-sweet like most tonics.

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