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Phillips Brewery Hammer Imperial Stout

2015 Hammer Imperial Stout(s) Released from Phillips Brewery

Phillips Brewery Hammer Imperial Stout
It’s Hammer Time!

Two Phillips Brewing Hammer Imperial Stouts Released Side By Side

January 5th, 2015 – Craft beer comrades raise your glasses! The Hammer Imperial Stout is once again smashing back to your local liquor store in 2 varieties.

Crafted in the tradition of the Russian Czarist courts, these twin soldiers were born with the same recipe, but raised very differently. The classic is aged in stainless tanks and full of rich roasted flavours, while the barrel-aged version matures in freshly emptied bourbon barrels which impart rich vanilla oak flavours. Enjoyed side-by-side, they are a great opportunity to taste first-hand the impact that barrel-aging can have on a beer.

Both varieties pair beautifully with dark winter nights, or if you have the patience, are great candidates to make disappear for awhile in your beer cellar gulag. Grab yours from your preferred craft-focused private liquor store for a limited time only.

If you would like to try the twins on draft, please join us at the Phillips Kremlin Thursday Jan. 8th from 4-6.


Phillips Hammer Imperial Stout

Hammer Imperial Stout:

Pours a deep earthy brown colour with a tan head. Aromas of roasted barley with slight coffee undertones. A big, rich roasted flavour profile accented with hints of chocolate and finishing dry.

Phillips Hammer barrel aged Imperial Stout

Hammer Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout:

Pours a deep earthy brown colour with a caramel-coloured head. Aromas of sweet bourbon and vanilla lead to a full-bodied, roasted flavour profile wrapped in soft bourbon with hints of dark chocolate.

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