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11 Telltale Signs You’re in a Great Craft Beer Bar

In the beer industry, as any other, haters gonna hate. Still, there’s a lot to love in beer. And so VinePair canvassed brewery employees and community leaders across the country to share what they love most about the industry right now.

Spoiler alert: A lot of industry members we spoke to are over the moon about a certain crisp, bottom-fermented beer style. Beyond that, however, brewers are celebrating both classic and experimental styles, and a few even admit to falling for some unexpected trends.

Here are the best things 20 beer industry members think are happening in beer right now.

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  1. ruou ngoai thanh nien
    ruou ngoai thanh nien 20 September, 2019, 01:03

    I bought a bottle just because it was reduced by £5 and you were entered into a competition to visit the Benriach distillery. Single malts never disappoint but I wasn’t expecting anything particularly special. But I’m so glad I got it as it’s positively one of the nicest whiskies ever to pass my lips-especially unusual for me as I normally prefer peated Scotch! A really lovely sweet banana and barley flavour. Delivery was fast too. I also received a complementary 30ml measure of the peated Curiositas. This was my first time ordering from MOM, and I will certainly be ordering from here again in the not too distant future. Good job chaps at Master of Malt.

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