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🍻 Not One but TWO New Hazy IPA Brews from Main St. Brewing! 🍻

Heads up that we have not one but TWO new exclusive brews from Main St. — the Betty and Bruce New Zealand Hazy IPAs!

Ladies first — building off New Zealand’s Freestyle Hops’ ‘Betty Blend’ of hops sourced straight from the Land of the Long White Clouds, Betty showcases flavours of passionfruit and lime zest and the complex aromas of the New Zealand terroir in every can. On the flip side, Bruce is big and hazy — just what you want in an IPA. As a tribute to hop master Bruce Eggers (who plies his trade in the Sunrise Valley of New Zealand), the Main St. brew crew has channelled the very best of NZ with Freestyle’s ’Bruce Blend’ hop mixture for a beer that offers up flavours of fresh gooseberry, candied pineapple and orange blossom.

The secret ‘accelerant’ in both beers is the Phantasm thiols driver which is derived from freeze-dried Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grape skins, adding intense tropical notes and boosting the hop aromas to a whole new stratosphere. These are two beers that bid you a fair ‘Kia Ora!’ with every sip.

Betty: 7.2% ABV / 38 IBU

Bruce: 7.2% ABV / 35 IBU

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