Brut IPA

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Small Gods Brewing Co.- Dance Tree French IPA

What is a French IPA? Well, according to Small Gods Brewing in Sidney, BC, a French IPA is a beer brewed in the brut or champagne style with a French  Continue Reading…

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V2V Black Hops Brewing- Big Brut IPA

Brut beers are those that have used an enzyme, usually amyloglucosidase (or less often Champagne yeast) to create a very dry beer with little to no residue sugars. Amyloglucosidase has  Continue Reading…

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Dead Frog Brewing – Balls Be Droppin’

Looking for a beer to bring in the new year? Don’t want to celebrate with champagne or sparkling white wine? Get out the champagne glasses, and look no further than  Continue Reading…

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Field House Brewing – Pinot Noir Brut IPA

Field House Brewing has looked to the wine industry for inspiration in two ways for this limited release brew. First, this is a Brut beer which can mean a few  Continue Reading…

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Ravens + Moody Brut IPA

Ravens Brewing of Abbotsford has collaborated with Port Moody’s Moody Ales to produce another BC entry in the Brut IPA category. Pioneered in San Francisco, the style involves the use  Continue Reading…

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