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Whistle Buoy Brewing Co: Desolate Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Whistle Buoy Brewing in Victoria’s Market Square released Desolate in mid-November, a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout. According to the label and website, it is the “first-ever release of our barrel  Continue Reading…

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Vice & Virtue – To Be Frank Coffee Stout

Vice & Virtue Brewing brings a refined beer aesthetic to Kelowna. Many of their well-received creations are light, fruity sours…but one of the creations we sampled recently is right on  Continue Reading…

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Longwood Brewery- BBA Triple Stout

Sometimes beer is easy, approachable and friendly. Then again, like music, beer can also be like a wave wrecked beach under a darkened sky, the perfect accompaniment to a soul  Continue Reading…

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BNA Brewing – Tennessee Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout

The almost 5 year old brewery with a huge history to its name and building in Kelowna, continues to turn heads with their beers ,including this one, the Tennessee Bourbon  Continue Reading…

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