Craft Beer Superfan Spotlight: ‘Sour Girl’ Alana Marin Bourne

In a desperate time for tasting room operators, getting the word out about supporting independent BC craft beer seems more important than ever. So in its Fall 2020 issue, What’s Brewing magazine celebrates the contributions of BC’s volunteer beer advocates with a Craft Beer Superfan spotlight.

Today, we meet one of the most enthusiastic beer boosters to join the BC craft community in the past five years: Alana Marin Bourne, AKA the Sour Girl.

Q&A with Sour Girl Alana Marin Bourne

Q: How long have you been an active craft beer booster? 

A: Tweeting about beer since at least 2016. First Sour Girl and the Heretic Instagram post: May 2017.

Q: How did you pick your handle?

A: I was regularly searching for new sours, so my local liquor store staff nicknamed me ‘Sour Girl’…and it stuck!

Q: When COVID-19 hit, what were your thoughts for the beer industry?

A: While I was anxious for the breweries, at the same time I felt confident that the things that make our industry so special would help them adapt to the unexpected challenges. And so many have done just that.

It really feels like they eagerly celebrate each other’s successes and commiserate through the tough times, rather than simply being competitors for the same dollar.

Q: How much do you miss the events?

A: I always look forward to events like Weathered, Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival and Great Canadian Beer Festival, including my volunteer shifts. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose only one it would be Farmhouse Fest.

Q: You are part of a “Beer Couple”. Did beer bring you together?

A: Dave @thebeerheretic) and I initially found each other online, when both of us regularly attended a #BCwinechat held Wednesdays on Twitter. I was a wine lover who happened to be gravitating towards beer, and he was curious about wine. We began visiting breweries and attending events together, and eventually evolved into ‘Sour Girl and the Heretic’.

Alana & Dave

Q: What are the upsides/downsides of being on a beer team?

A: It has been helpful for me in learning about beer, especially unfamiliar beer styles. Having a partner in your tasting experience often doubles the number of things you can both potentially experience.

Also we are both terrible at taking selfies so it is awesome to have someone else who can capture the moment.

Q: What would you tell someone getting into beer blogging today?

A: Find whatever excites you most and focus on that, whether it’s a beer style, a hop variety, or the breweries closest to you!

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