VCBW Festival 2019 Countdown + Contest Results

The countdown is on to BC’s biggest beer festival of the year, the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival at the PNE Fairgrounds. Will you be there?

If you’re looking for a way to convince your friends and family (or yourself) to go, the list of participating breweries is here. On that page, you can tick any brewery to favourite it and email yourself the “must visit” list for safekeeping. Event details:

VCBW Festival
Saturday June 8, 2pm – 7pm
Sunday June 9, 12pm – 5pm

PNE Fairgrounds
2901 E Hastings Street, Vancouver

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VCBW Ten Year Trivia Contest Winners + Answers

We’ve posted the full set of answers to our  recent contest below. Check out how contestants responded to our 10 trivia questions, and compare with the correct (green) answers. Would you have gotten any of these right?

One of our winners told us his best #TenYearsOfVCBW memory. “My favourite festival so far was at the River Rock. I had my first tastes of Powell Brewing’s Old Jalopy Pale Ale, and Oud Bruin by Iain Hill of Yaletown Brewing (now at Strange Fellows). It felt like craft beer in BC was still a little mysterious, but you could sense it was going to explode”, said Tim Pryde, who nailed 10 out of 10 in our VCBW trivia quiz. Other winners were Cassandra Ward and Kendal Philippson.

Learn some VCBW history and reminisce about your favourite memory. Get your tickets to this weekend’s Festival and get ready to create more. Get Tickets →

VCBW10 Contest Results

Memories of VCBW Fest 2018

The 9th Annual @Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival was a remarkable success by any measure. Still breaking records for size, yet running more smoothly than ever. Check out more photos here →

This year’s 10th Annual celebration aims to be just as good, or maybe better.

2019 VCBW Festival

2019 VCBW Festival

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