Survey says: BC the most craft-crazy province in Canada

Poll results identify the demographics most interested in craft beer

August 13, 2018 – The Angus Reid Institute has released the results of a poll conducted recently, which studied the politics and demographics of people, grouped by their interest in alcoholic beverages. The findings will be of interest to BC’s craft beer industry and fans.

British Columbians demonstrated by far the most interest in craft beer in Canada. BC was the only province to choose craft beer in their top three liquor types, as seen in the map above.

Data collected confirmed that 25% of BC residents surveyed chose craft beer as a top 3 beverage selection. No other province reached even 20%.

Politics of Beer

Key political affiliation poll findings included:

  • Conservatives are more likely to prefer liquor, Liberals more likely to prefer wine, and New Democrats more likely to prefer beer
  • New Democrats are almost twice as likely as Conservatives to enjoy craft beer

Read the full story on Angus Reid Institute

Click here for the full report including tables and methodology

Click here for the questionnaire used in this survey


Own a brewery or other liquor business? If you’re trying to sell craft beer to people for a living, you may want to have a look at the data collected during this survey. It outlines the demographics that are the most devoted to craft beer. Based on this, you can identify the target audience that is most certain to drink up your advertising.

In case you don’t feel like reading, here is your TL:DR executive summary:

-> Affluent, educated, politically left-leaning males under 40 <-

However, the data also indicate that younger females (and people in general) are much more interested in beer than their senior counterparts, which can only be attributed to awareness of and experience with: that’s right, craft beer. So expect growth of interest in craft beer across both genders and more age brackets for another generation to come.

You’re welcome. Now, in case you’re motivated to read the poll results after all, here they are:

Angus Reid Liquor Poll Data [PDF]

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