Parkside Brewery – Humans An IPA for the People

Parkside Brewery Humans IPA Review


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  • Brewery: Parkside Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: India Pale Ale
  • Pros:

    A nice balance of fruit hop flavour and IPA bitterness

  • Cons:

    Not the trend-following IPA that many may be searching for

  • Conclusion:

    A balanced, fruit forward IPA that is crisp and clear

Parkside Brewery Humans IPA Review Parkside Brewery – Humans An IPA for the People Review

Parkside Brewery has released a seasonal IPA called Humans, An IPA for the People. This beer comes in stickered 473ml cans and pours into a glass a light golden colour and has a finger and a half of lacing head. The aroma is big with fruit character including passion fruit, mango and citrus. This is definitely a North East style IPA but is crisp and clear in colour. Tasting the beer it is a delicious concoction of hop flavour with a balanced hop bitterness. The fruit flavour comes up front with a tropical explosion and is followed up with a nice bitterness that lingers behind on the tongue. The Humans is a new-age IPA flavour without the cloudiness and sweetness that has taken over our IPAs. This beer is an excellent evolution of the classic IPA flavour without jumping on the bandwagon of style trends.

Alcohol – 6.3%
Size – 473mL

Parkside Brewery Humans IPA Review

Parkside Brewery Humans IPA Review

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