BC Hop Fest 2017 Good People Good Beer Sign

BC Hop Fest 2017 – Sun Showers and Hop Flowers

BC Hop Fest 2017 Good People Good Beer Sign

The third annual BC Hop Fest was a runaway success proving pouring rain won’t keep the hop-heads away

A rainy Saturday on Sumas Prairie was the site of the third annual BC Hop Fest on September 30th, 2017.  Considering the hefty turnout you’d think it was a mid-summer day – aside from the umbrellas and rubber boots that is!

BC Hop Fest 2017 Sun Showers with Tents

Fresh hopped beers of all types were on offer at this year’s BC Hop Fest.  However, there were also plenty of other options available for anyone who wasn’t a die-hard hop-head.  IPAs abounded, naturally, yet also to be found were sours, stouts, cider, fruit beers, and everything in between.  Fresh hops were the main focus, yet the third year of this festival proved to have a beer available for everyone.

BC Hop Fest 2017 Hop Crowns

Vine & Hops shuttled eager festival-goers from stops in Vancouver out to the Fraser Valley hop farm.  Yet BC Hop Fest attracted people from across the region; this wasn’t a case of bringing a big city crowd to a small-town festival.  Instead, Hop Fest is an event to be enjoyed primarily by the growing number of beer lovers in the Fraser Valley while welcoming those that made the journey from farther afield.  In short, this is a festival for all kinds of beer lovers.

BC Hop Fest 2017 Vine and Hops Photo

With a capacity of 1,500 people, there were numerous times throughout the five hour festival that the crowds seemed to be nudging up on that amount – even during the occasional downpour.  Most everyone came prepared with rain-worthy attire, while those that didn’t enjoyed themselves in spite of damp clothing.

BC Hop Fest 2017 Umbrella Hat

As the name implies, a key draw of BC Hop Fest is the novelty of drinking beer made with freshly-picked hops.  What’s more, many of the beers poured at the event were grown on-site at the BC Hop Company farm.

BC Hop Fest 2017 Phillips Brewing Table

The winning beer for the peoples’ choice award this year was the Zombie Hopocalypse Fresh Hopped Session Ale, a collaboration between Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks and Central City Brewing Company.  The popular fresh hopped ale was a smash hit and utilized hops grown only metres from where the beer was served.  Look for the Zombie Hopocalypse soon on draft and in bomber bottles.

BC Hop Fest 2017 Fuggles & Warlock

Rain or shine, the BC Hop Fest has now proven itself to locals and visitors alike.  With so many festival goers being treated to numerous styles while also experiencing the joys of a fresh hopped beer, there is sure to be even greater interest in 2018.

BC Hop Fest 2017 Funny Faces

For anyone looking for something unique and interesting on the annual beer festival circuit, the BC Hop Fest is a must.  The singular setting, along with a coherent and tangible theme provide a reason to don a pair of boots, grab the rain jacket and brave the elements for what is undoubtedly one of the best festivals around.

BC Hop Fest 2017 Glass Close-up



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