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Made In Canada – Local Tap Handles & Beer Paraphernalia from Invermere BC

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Custom Tap Handles Made Locally in BC by Wylie Jack

When you walk into a bar or restaurant and catch a glimpse at the bar in is common to see elaborate branded handles marking the territory of each brewery that has their beer on tap. Like a peacock displaying its feathers each handle attempts to catch the attention of beer drinkers reaching for a pint. It may seem like a small thing but the impression that a handle makes on a consumer, often sells a beer.

Tap handles come from many places. Manufacturers in the USA have produced many of the iconic handles that you see on a regular basis and more than ever before they come from china. There is a company in British Columbia that has been making waves since opening as a sign shop in 1999. Since opening they have started making tap handles, coasters, keg wraps and more. The company’s name is Wylie Jack and is located in the small Eastern-BC town of Invermere.

Starting off first with wooden handles, Wylie Jack has expanded to offer resin and metal handles to meet the needs of local breweries. Working with brands like Stanley Park, Big Rock and Main Street, there is a good chance that you have already seen Wylie Jack’s handwork in the flesh.

Wylie Jack Stanley Park Pinsner Tap HandleThe rush to make items cheaper has driven manufacturing overseas and Wylie Jack has used this to offer a unique service to local businesses that are looking for both value and speed. Wylie Jack is able to design the handles locally and produce final products in less than 30 days.  At the same time, working with an overseas partner a larger production run can by run simultaneously. Wylie Jack’s local production delivers a small production quickly while the same handle is produced at quantity and delivered shortly thereafter.

Tap handle business has been booming but when it comes to the tools that breweries need, it does not end there. Everything from custom LED signs, to sandwich boards, tasting flights, coasters and keg collars Wylie Jack is filling a niche that is growing exponentially.

Learn more about Wylie Jack and everything that they do at: wyliejack.com


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