Four Winds Brewing Co. – Bloom Cherry Blossom Farmhouse Ale

Four Winds Brewing - Cherry Bloom Review


3.8 out of 5
3.9 out of 5
4.3 out of 5
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4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Four Winds Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Farmhouse Ale, Saison
  • Pros:

    Very unique flavours with a unique almond character

  • Cons:

    Intensely carbonated and a bit odd

  • Conclusion:

    A unique and delicious, wild fermented beer

Four Winds Brewing - Cherry Bloom Review Four Winds Brewing Co. – Bloom Cherry Blossom Farmhouse Ale Review

Brewed for the 2017 Farmhouse Festival at UBC, Four Winds has made a Farmhouse Ale infused with Cheery Blossoms which is appropriately named, “Bloom”. This beer is bottle conditioned and comes in a corked 500ml bottle. From the bottle this beer pours a colour of light gold, is slightly cloudy and erupts with three-plus fingers of head that settles at a moderate pace leaving no signs of lacing behind on the glass. The Bloom gives off a funky-Brett yeast character that is earthy, mildly sour and has a typical funk-character. There is a subtle floral character but without knowing what went into the beer cherry blossoms would be difficult to pick out. Tasting the beer it has an initial hit of intense carbonation, this builds into the funky, lightly sour Brett character before a big, creamy and nutty, almond-oat like sweetness comes in the finish. The almond flavour is actually quite intense and not something that is often described in a beer. The Bloom is extremely unique and offers wild-beer fans a roller coaster of flavour. Perhaps too adventurous for some, but to the benefit of those who will absolutely love this beer.

Alcohol – 7.1%
IBU – 5
Size – 500ml bottles


Four Winds Brewing - Cherry Bloom Review Four Winds Brewing - Cherry Bloom Review

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  1. Mike
    Mike 15 September, 2017, 16:29

    This was anouther great release from a brewery that makes awesome one off brews!

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  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 September, 2017, 14:30

    Weird, I thought it was better than the rating and I didn’t get the almond to near the same extent..I thought it was really tasty.

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  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 September, 2017, 20:15

    Where did you get this? I’ve been hunting around and I can’t seem to find a place that sells it.

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