Field House Brewing Co. – Dark Brett

Fieldhouse Brewing Co. - Dark Brett Ale Review


4 out of 5
3.9 out of 5
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4 out of 5


4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Field House Brewing
  • Beer Style: Brettanomyces, Dark Ale
  • Pros:

    Complex and unique flavour combination

  • Cons:

    A bit polarizing in fruit and deep, dark flavours

  • Conclusion:

    A uniquely flavoured dark beer with tropical fruit tones and mellow brett

Fieldhouse Brewing Co. - Dark Brett Ale ReviewField House Brewing Co. – Dark Brett Review

Brewed with Eldorado and Mosaic Hops the Field House Brewing Co. has brewed up what they are calling Dark Brett. At 10% this is a big and strong beer that is sold in single 500ml bottles. Pouring the beer it is a deep brown colour and has two full fingers of slightly off-white head which leaves dense lacing behind on the glass. Smelling the beer it is not what you may expect. Tropical fruit tones of mango, melon and passion fruit meet chocolate and an earthy Brett character. The flavour too is a contrast of tropical fruit and dark, toasted malt character and chocolate. The Brett tones are somewhat subdued from the strong hop character and dark flavour profile. These flavours also mask the fact that the Dark Brett is a whopping 10%. This is not a beer that is easily compared to other BC beers but is quite delicious none-the-less. A very unique hop, malt and yeast combo that makes for an oddly delicious final product.

Alcohol – 10%
Size – 500mL


Fieldhouse Brewing Co. - Dark Brett Ale Review

Fieldhouse Brewing Co. - Dark Brett Ale Review

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