Powell Brewery – Cumulus Lupulus Tart Hoppy Juicyness

Powell Brewery Cumulus Lupulus Review


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  • Brewery: Powell Street Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Pale Ale
  • Pros:

    A juicy, hoppy pale Ale without a ton of bitterness.

  • Cons:

    Hops don't jump like the name insinuates

  • Conclusion:

    A mellow pale ale with a decent tropical hop flavour

Powell Brewery Cumulus Lupulus Review Powell Brewery – Cumulus Lupulus Tart Hoppy Juicyness Review

In rhyme-time the Powell Brewery has done something rather unique by brewing a tart and hoppy beer called the Cumulus Lupulus, Tart Hoppy Juicyness. The academics may argue about the spelling of the title but regardless, this is craft beer we are talking about. The colour is light amber and the beer is topped with a thin finger of quick to settle head. The aroma is explosive with tropical hop character and a distinct acidic tartness. There is also a mild sweetness that comes through on the nose. Tasting the beer it starts off tart and builds into a light bodied mellowness. While the first bit is quite intense with both tartness and fruit character, it quickly mellows into something very neutral and somewhat no-descript.  The beer is unique and has a big hop aroma and initial kick but doesn’t last throughout. Similarly the sour character starts off with vigor and fades quite quickly. For those hopping on sours or sour to traditional hops but curious to try new things, this may just be the beer for you.

Alcohol –4.3%
Size – 650ml

Powell Brewery Cumulus Lupulus Review Powell Brewery Cumulus Lupulus Review

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