Flights Series Two Callister Brewing Hand Pulled Pint

Sixth Episode of Flights Season Two – Callister Brewing Company

Flights Series Two Callister Brewing Hand Pulled Pint

Flights Series heads to the heart of Yeast Vancouver with a visit to Callister Brewing Co.

This week the Flights team spends some time at Callister Brewing Company, exploring what makes the community, cooperative, collective model of their brewery work.

In today’s episode, Jake sits down with Chris Lay, Co-Founder of Callister Brewing, Adam Chatburn, Head Brewer at Real Cask, and Nathaniel Senff, Head Brewer of Lightheart Brewing – one of the newest breweries to make Callister Brewing their home.  We get an in depth view of why Chris started up the brewery using the model they chose, and what he, Adam, and Nathaniel feel the brewery brings to brewing and the brewing scene in Vancouver.

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