Postmark Brewing Co. – Loral IPA

Postmark Brewing Loral IPA Review


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  • Brewery: Postmark Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: India Pale Ale
  • Pros:

    Unique hop character with a big grassy character

  • Cons:

    Not at all a typically flavoured IPA

  • Conclusion:

    A unique, low bitterness IPA with strong grass and floral character

Postmark Brewing Loral IPA Review Postmark Brewing Co. – Loral IPA Review

Postmark has brewed up the Loral IPA. At 5.9% and 54 IBUs this is on the light side of the IPA style. The beer pours as a golden colour with nearly two fingers of dense and lacing head. The aroma is light with grassy tones and floral character. Tasting the beer it has a nice, smooth and creamy body for the strength of the beer and flavours of grass, citrus and an almost lavender-like floral character. The finish is dry with a light lingering bitterness and grass character. This is not a classic west coast IPA and it is nothing close to a newer-styled northeastern IPA. This is something all on its own but comes across as a mild IPA with mellow bitterness and an enjoyable hop character.

Alcohol – 5.9%
IBU – 54
Size – 650ml

Postmark Brewing Loral IPA Review Postmark Brewing Loral IPA Review

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