Powell Brewery – Saison Mangue

Powell Brewery Mangue Saison Review


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Powell Brewery Mangue Saison Review Powell Brewery – Saison Mangue Review

Powell Brewery has released a number of Sour Ales and one of them is a Saison which is barrel Aged with mangoes. Fittingly, this beer is called the Saison Mangue. Sold in bomber bottles this beer pours a colour of hazy orange and is topped with one finger of head which settles quickly without a trace. The aroma is both sweet and sour with mango, citrus, oak and light smoke coming through. The flavour is quite unique with an intense mango flavour that is made earthy through the oak character that comes through from the barrel aging. The sourness is subdued and mild with sweetness balancing out the mix. Belgian yeast tones also come through giving a Witbier-like coriander flavour in the mix. Perhaps a bit sweet for some, this is a uniquely flavoured sour ale that is a twist on tradition.

Alcohol – 6.5%
IBU – 23
Size – 650ml


Powell Brewery Mangue Saison Review Powell Brewery Mangue Saison Review

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