Strathcona Beer Company – Belgian Dubbel

Strathcona Beer Co Belgian Dubbell


4 out of 5
3.75 out of 5
3.75 out of 5
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  • Brewery: Strathcona Beer Company
  • Beer Style: Belgian Dubbel
  • Pros:

    Flavourful Dubbel with delcious aromas

  • Cons:

    Slightly too light and boozy

  • Conclusion:

    A higher ABV Dubbel that nonetheless presents plenty of tasty winter aromas and flavours

Strathcona Beer Co Belgian Dubbel BottleStrathcona Beer Company – Belgian Dubbel Review

Created for the holiday season, Strathcona Beer Company released their new Belgian Dubbel in bomber bottles in late December 2016.  The beer pours a cloudy amber with two fingers of dense, lasting, off-white head that leaves behind some lacing on the glass.  This Dubbel presents aromas of dark and dried fruits along with bubblegum and sugar, with hints of honey and spice.  In the mouth are flavours of caramel, honey, alcohol, spice and light dried fruit flavours that are faint but present.  These flavours of dried fruits reassert themselves as the booziness subsides melding into a fruity warmth.  For a Dubbel this beer has a lighter body than expected and presents more apparent bitterness as well.  That bitterness subsides leaving a light yeasty finish and a lingering warmth from the 7.4% ABV.

Alcohol – 7.4%
IBU – 20
Hops – Mandarina Bavaria, German Huell Melon
Size – 650mL

Strathcona Beer Co Belgian DubbellStrathcona Beer Co Belgian Dubbel Close-up

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