Hearthstone Brewery – Picking Up and Taking Off


Hearthstone Brewery – North Vancouver’s Newest Local Craft Brewery

Hearthstone Brewery is a newcomer to BC Craft Beer but they have significant ties to the past evolution of local craft beer. While Hearthstone just opened their doors to the public in November 2016, you may have noticed their 355ml and 473ml cans at Greater Vancouver craft retailers since the early 2016. It isn’t the 9 months or so of retail sails though that ties Hearthstone to the history of BC craft beer.

First off, while it is a separate business, Hearthstone is owned by the same group as Mission Springs Brewing out of Mission, BC. Expanding their craft beer empire, this is the first additional brewery that has been added to their deck of business ventures.


In addition to ownership, the location of Hearthstone Brewery may look familiar. Located at Taylor’s Crossing in North Vancouver a keen eye may recognize this as the old Red Truck Brewery. If you really go back in time, this is the former Avalon Brewery location preceding Red Truck. Using the same equipment as previous tenants, Hearthstone is picking up where others left off but taking the business to a whole new level.

Regardless of previous occupants, Hearthstone Brewery has taken their own path with the location. Not only are they the first brewery to sell growlers in this location, they have also opened up a restaurant with a pizza and craft beer focus. This is a family friendly craft beer destination with a food menu to delight everyone in attendance.


Hearthstone may have just opened their doors to the public but their brewing has been turning heads for some time. Early hits include their Graham Cracker Ale and Chocolate Milk Stout. These unique and big-flavoured beers made a splash along side their quiet brand launch. Since the early days they have also made a mark with very unique styles such as a the Cool Hand Cuke, a Cucumber Sour Ale, and the Mr. Fungi, a Black Lager used with locally harvested Chaga Mushroom.


Hearthstone has chosen to take a creative approach to their beer styles and the packaging is a similar frame of mind. Unique flavours, wild and strong design and a solid team are propping up this small, North Vancouver brewery. Don’t take the size too lightly though, remember that this was the launching point for Red Truck Brewery and with Mission Springs backing the initiative, growth is nearly a sure thing. The hearthstone Brewery is a great place to stop in for lunch and their canned lineup of beers is among the best in BC Craft Beer.

Let’s all take a moment to officially welcome Hearthstone Brewery to the ranks of BC craft breweries.

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  1. Brent
    Brent 15 December, 2016, 12:53

    “this is the first additional brewery that has been added to their deck”
    Not true. Mission Springs expanded into Korea in 2013.

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    • dustansept
      dustansept Author 18 December, 2016, 15:11

      Thanks Brent. Mission Springs did expand into Korea but I believe all beer is brewed and exported from the Mission based brewery.

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      • Mike
        Mike 18 December, 2016, 15:36

        You are correct Dustan.

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      • Brent
        Brent 22 December, 2016, 14:10

        Thanks for the info. I assumed they had a brewhouse in Korea.

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        • Mike
          Mike 22 December, 2016, 14:28

          The craziest part is that makes two BC Breweries pushing into South Korea right now with Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks having a sales team there now. Who will be next to Korea?

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  2. Mike
    Mike 16 December, 2016, 23:24

    They also are part owned by Noble Pig in Kamloops.

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  3. Chris Deal (@604chrisdeal)
    Chris Deal (@604chrisdeal) 21 December, 2016, 10:45

    Isn’t there a tie in with Howe Sound as well?

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    • Mike
      Mike 21 December, 2016, 10:48

      Nope. Howe Sound purchased R&B Brewing.

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    • Brent
      Brent 22 December, 2016, 14:17

      Interesting North Van tie in, though. Howe Sound contract brews Sailor Hagar’s beers, ever since the City of North Vancouver shut down the brewery a number of years ago.

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    • Brent
      Brent 22 December, 2016, 14:21

      BTW, Hagar’s is where Gary Lohin cut his teeth in the business…

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