Persephone Brewing Co. – Amarillo Pilsner

Persephone Brewing Amarillo Pilsner Review


4.2 out of 5
4 out of 5
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4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Persephone Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Pilsner
  • Pros:

    A Pilsner with a tropical hop flavour twist

  • Cons:

    Not as much hop flavour as the aroma suggested. Quite a bitter finish.

  • Conclusion:

    A hop forward, New world twist on the classic Pilsner Style

Persephone Brewing Amarillo Pilsner ReviewPersephone Brewing Co. – Amarillo Pilsner Review

Pilsners have been one of the styles of beer that has held fairly strong to tradition with little experimentation happening. Persephone has stepped (slightly) outside the box of uniformity with their Amarillo Pilsner. Using a new-world hop variety in a traditionally brewed Pilsner should give this brew a strong fruit-forward twist to it. Pouring from the bomber bottle the Amarillo Pilsner is gold in colour and has a finger and a half worth of lightly lacing head. The beer looks like a crisp and refreshing Pilsner. The aroma on the other hand has some malt character of a traditional Pilsner but the hop tones are more what you would expect from an ISA styled beer. Notes of grapefruit, Tangerine and Peach take charge in a very tropical and refreshing manner. Tasting the beer it too starts off with a traditional Pilsner body and malt character. This builds with hop tones in a fruity and refreshing manner. The intensity of the hop flavour is not as strong as the aroma was leaving a bit more of the Pilsner character behind in a somewhat traditional way. In the flavour there is not denying the Pilsner style but it is a bit different than your usual Czech-style Pilsner with a new-world hop twist to it.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 650ml Bottles

Persephone Brewing Amarillo Pilsner Review Persephone Brewing Amarillo Pilsner Review

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