Phillips Brewing Co. – Bizzaro Berliner Weisse

Phillips Brewing Co. - Bizarro Berliner Weisse Review


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  • Brewery: Phillips Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Berliner Weisse, Brettanomyces
  • Pros:

    A light and balanced Berliner Weisse with a twist of Brett

  • Cons:

    The Brett and sweet tones are not typical of the style

  • Conclusion:

    A balanced, refreshing and unique Berliner Weisse Brew.

Phillips Brewing Co. - Bizarro Berliner Weisse ReviewPhillips Brewing Co. – Bizzaro Berliner Weisse 15th Anniversary Ale Review

Phillips Brewing has been matching each anniversary with a beer that matches the year with the alcohol percentage. In their 15th year though, tradition has been broken as the beer was getting into the stratosphere. For year 15 Phillips has turned things upside down and brewed a Berliner Weisse at 3.4%. This beer pours from the bomber bottle a light straw colour and has three fingers of head which settles quite slowly. From the Bizarro comes a lightly acidic, wheaty aroma with a citrus note to it and a touch of melon. The sour notes come out early in the taste in a fairly acetic way. This leads into a citrus sweetness though that does a great job balancing the flavours. With Brett yeast used in the brew a straw-earth tone also comes to life giving this beer more complexity than your typical Berliner-Styled Beer. This beer is light, extremely refreshing and quite balanced for the style and for a sour ale in general. Going light was a great choice and a sign of maturity by Phillips Brewery after 15 years of great tasting craft beer.

Alcohol – 3.4%
Size – 650ml


Phillips Brewing Co. - Bizarro Berliner Weisse Review Phillips Brewing Co. - Bizarro Berliner Weisse Review

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