Making Beer Bread

Home Made Beer Bread – As easy as cracking open a can of your favourite brew!

Baking Bread Is Easy With The Help Of Beer!

Making Beer Bread
Making Beer BreadBaking and beer don’t always go hand in hand but if you know anything about making beer, you will know that they are surprisingly similar. Base ingredients of both beer and bread are grain, water and yeast. Now, that isn’t to say that you should make a sandwich with beer, but in some ways it kind of is….

Using a pre-made beer bread mix from Snowdon House out of Victoria it is amazing how easy it is to make beer bread. Yes, a mix is kind of cheating but the result is absolutely delicious. This package also doesn’t have yeast in it so… we are kind of cheating there too..

You could say this article was a recipe but literally, all you do here is pick a beer, dump it into the mix and bake… This is more like microwaving a pizza pop and calling yourself a chef.

Making Beer BreadMaking Beer BreadIn testing out this mix, we used the Tomato Basil package a Red Racer Pale Ale. You have some room to experiment on the beer to give a twist on flavour. We used a Pale Ale with the intent of using a balanced malt-hop flavour that would hopefully translate to the end result. Using something much darker like a Stout should theoretically give a more roasted flavour and darker colour to the bread.

After mixing the two ingredients together, briefly stirring them up and placing the dough in a greased pan we were 45 minutes away from fresh baked bread. Baking at 375 the rest is really just up to you sitting down and drinking a few beers while you wait.

The result is quite impressive for being extremely easy to make the flavour is solid and the bread was moist and delicious. The beer flavour didn’t come through in great strength but perhaps with an IPA or a stout you may be able to get a bit more out of it. Regardless, this baking with beer endeavor was a success.

Making Beer Bread

If you want to try something different than the Snowden House options, you can also purchase a number of similar ready-to-make beer bread products through Amazon at the links below.


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