Postmark Brewing 2nd Birthday Celebration

Celebrating 2 Amazing Years Of Craft Beer with Postmark Brewing

Postmark Brewing 2nd Birthday Celebration
Two Years in the Bag for Railtown’s Postmark Brewing

It seems like only yesterday that Postmark Brewery started pouring their first brews in the Settlement building of Railtown. The small brewery that is tied to the Vancouver Urban Winery and Belgard Kitchen has made some big strides in their first 24 months.

Postmark Brewing 2nd Birthday CelebrationSince opening their doors Postmark has moved into canned beer with a bright and colourful approach to the category. These simple but striking cans have made their way onto the shelves of many BC retailers. It isn’t all about packaging though. While the cans and bottles are striking, more important is what goes inside. Brewmaster Dominic Giraldes comes from a strong history of brewing and has a knack for session styles that align seamlessly with the Postmark frame of life. It is no surprise that the fit between brewmaster and brand has been close to perfect.


To celebrate their 700+ days in business they invited friends, family and business associates to join them in a building adjacent to the brewery and restaurant. Here, the celebration took place with pizza, cake, live music and the unveiling of the new, pink can containing their well known Raspberry Ale. Watch for this summer-refresher on the shelves of your favourite BC craft beer retailer.

Two years is a mere blink of an eye but in an industry that moves as quickly as BC craft beer, a lot can happen in a flash. Two years has been enough time to make a serious impact in Vancouver and BC and build a strong cult-following. Postmark is off to a running start and we are sure to see more great things from them in the next two years and beyond.

Happy 2nd Birthday Postmark Brewing!

Postmark Brewing 2nd Birthday Celebration

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