Strange Fellows Brewing Co. – Reynard Oud Bruin

Strange Fellows Brewery - Reynard Oud Bruin Review


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  • Brewery: Strange Fellows Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Oud Bruin, Sour Ale
  • Pros:

    A complex sour beer with nice vanilla oak tones and an earthy spice

  • Cons:

    A big and rather sour beer (for those that aren't into it)

  • Conclusion:

    A delicious aged sour beer with a balance of cherry, oak and vanilla tones.

Strange Fellows Brewery - Reynard Oud Bruin Review Strange Fellows Brewing Co. – Reynard Oud Bruin Review

The Reynard may be Strange Fellows Brewing’s first Oud Bruin but it anything but a first go at things. Brewmaster Iain Hill is well known for his Bruin prowess from his former roles in the BC brewing community. A year after opening this beer is actually one of the early brews for Strange Fellows, a beer like this though needs time to age. From the 750ml bottle this aged sour ale pours as a colour of cloudy brown that also shows a slight reddish hue. The one finger of head settles quite quickly leaving no trace behind. The aroma is strong with oak, whiskey, vanilla and sour cherry notes. The body is fairly light and the sour tones quite sharp off the bat. This is no kettle sour though. The sharp front leads into the vanilla-oak tones and a more complex sour cherry tone. The finish is deep and complex with an earthy spice that lingers behind. The Reynard is a complex and well aged sour ale and offers something fairly unique in its flavour and the fact that it is a big, aged beer but comes in at a modest 6.5%. This beer is a limited release brew and if you are into sour beers you need to find a bottle before it is too late.

Alcohol – 6.5%
Size – 750mL


Strange Fellows Brewery - Reynard Oud Bruin Review Strange Fellows Brewery - Reynard Oud Bruin Review

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    Mike 17 July, 2016, 08:45

    This was soo good. But it is no surprise as you sad as Iaian has been making this one forever.

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