VCBW - Feats Of Strength at the Cobalt

VCBW Puts Beer Drinkers To The Test in Feats of Strength

VCBW - Feats Of Strength at the CobaltFlexing Your Beer Muscle with Feats Of Strength

Leave it to Vancouver Craft Beer Week to do something totally different when it comes to beer events. Feats of Strength is an event that flexed the creativity muscles and stepped outside of craft beer tradition.

Held at the Cobalt in Vancouver this event brought out brewers and consumers alike to step up to the plate and show the crowd a bit of a gun show.
VCBW - Feats Of Strength at the Cobalt

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Hosted by Brassneck Brewery and Ninkasi this event was serious about craft beer. Attendees sampled 20 or so beers from BC, many of which’s brewers were actually in attendance and participating in the events.

Between samples of craft beer classic games such as the hammer and punching bag were crowd favourites. Everyone competed for the top of the leader-board and their chance to take home some awesome prizes.
VCBW - Feats Of Strength at the Cobalt

2016_06_BMBC-06214As fun as these games were to watch, the real action took place on stage. Participants willingly signed up to compete in “Feats of Strength” including Push Up competitions, Planking, keg tossing, t-shirt ripping, saltene eating and Phone Book ripping. Their efforts were often rewarded, but some may not agree that the ends justify the means.┬áThe ridiculousness of the competitions was only matched by the hilarity for spectators. With the women showing up the men in many circumstances it shows that lifting a pint doesn’t always count as a workout… It also made it blatently apparent to many that perhaps doing a push up or two may do us all well.

You can always count on the Vancouver Craft Beer Week organizers to bend the rules on what a craft beer event is and this was no exception. Feats of Strength was entertaining, fun and a great way to try some new beers! It is refreshing to attend an event that is as much about entertainment and participation as it is about enjoying world class beer.


One thing is for sure. You don’t want to miss this next year.


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