Swans Brewery – Master Blaster North American Brett Saison(ishhh)

Swans Brewery - Master Blaster Brett Saison Review


3.8 out of 5
3.9 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
4.1 out of 5


4.1 out of 5


  • Brewery: Swans Brewpub
  • Beer Style: Brettanomyces, Saison
  • Pros:

    Nice balance of Brett flavour with big tropical fruit hop tones

  • Cons:

    Not an easy beer to find outside of the brewery

  • Conclusion:

    A balanced, sessionable and big flavoured Brett Saison

Swans Brewery - Master Blaster Brett Saison Review Swans Brewery – Master Blaster North American Brett Saison(ishhh) Review

The Master Blaster is a Brett Saison from Swans Brewery. Well They actually say it is a North American Brett Saison then add an “ishhh” to help define an uncategorizable beer. Originally brewed for Victoria Beer week the success of this beer’s debut spurred on a limited release run. From the Bomber bottle this beer pours a colour of cloudy orange and is topped with a single finger of lightly lacing, dense head. The aroma is thick with tropical fruit tones and brett yeast funk. The earthy/straw/barnyard tones from the yeast are built upon with the big fruit tones of the hops. Notes of grapefruit, mango and citrus take over the aroma in a delicious smelling package. Tasting the beer the fruit tones come in up front and lead into the funky Brett yeast tones. The master blaster has big fruit-hop tones but remains relatively light and sessionable. This beer has brett balance of flavour and is an excellent representation of Brett Flavour without going too far.

Alcohol – 5.5%
Size – 650ml bottle

Swans Brewery - Master Blaster Brett Saison Review Swans Brewery - Master Blaster Brett Saison Review

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew 10 June, 2016, 11:38

    Master Blaster and other Swans brands are available in Vancouver at :

    Legacy Liquor Store
    Denman’s Liquor Store
    Brewery Creek Liquor Store
    Darby’s Liquor Store

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  2. Mike
    Mike 5 August, 2016, 09:23

    Wish I had read this review earlier as it not only sounds great but I love the label art also.

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