Tree Brewing Co. – Mulligan Lager

Tree Brewing Mulligan Lager Review


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  • Brewery: Tree Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Lager
  • Pros:

    A smooth and easy drinking summer lager

  • Cons:

    Sweeter than a typical lager

  • Conclusion:

    A lightly sweet, malt forward lager that goes down very easily

Tree Brewing Mulligan Lager Review Tree Brewing Co. – Mulligan Lager Review

If you want to know how to get through a hot summer’s day you need to seek the advice of those in the Okanagan. From Tree Brewing in Kelowna comes another summer session beer called the Mulligan Lager. This traditional lager is part of their 12-pack summer mixer of light, summery beers. From the 355ml can this beer pours a colour of gold with two fingers of head that leaves light lacing behind on the glass. The aroma is light with malt tones, light citrus notes and a subtle bitterness. Judging by the aroma, when you finish a can of the Mulligan Lager, you may just want a do-over and grab a second can. The flavour of this beer is as a lager should be. It is light, malt forward and it goes down easy. The Mulligan has a bit more sweetness than is typical which adds a bit of extra smoothness to the body. This sweetness also masks any hop bitterness that you may expect from the hop tones in the aroma. The Mulligan Lager is a great beer for the links, a day on the beach or a summer BBQ.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 4 x 3 355ml cans (Available in Summer Mixer 12 Pack)

Tree Brewing Mulligan Lager Review Tree Brewing Mulligan Lager Review

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